Idylis Air Purifier

Using Idylis air purifier is the best way to ensure air cleanliness inside your home or office. It is perfect whether you are cleaning the air to solve and avoid any health concern or simply when the family wants to breathe fresh air. If you are still having dilemmas on the particular air purifier to purchase, remember that Idylis offers the perfect combination of quality, efficiency, technological advancement and of course, a budget-friendly price. Idylis is a private brand and offered to you by the home and retail giant Lowes.

All the brand’s purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters

When choosing an air purifier today, you should only consider brands and units that are equipped with HEPA filters. These are the most advance filters in the market. HEPA means high efficiency particulate air. These are filters capable of cleaning the tiniest impurities in the air including those that are not visible to the naked eye and those which can only be seen in a microscope. Several of these tiny objects and particles may pose risk to human health or can worsen and trigger disease symptoms like asthma and allergies. Examples of the things that can be screened by Idylis air purifier filters include dust, dirt, mold, dander, pollen, allergens, smoke including the harmful bacteria and viruses.

idylis air purifier

Why should you go for Idylis air purifier?

This air purifier brand got you all covered. And here are some of the reasons why you should go for this brand:

  • Best air filtration system. As discussed above, all Idylis units are equipped with HEPA filters. And aside from this, there are also numerous units featuring efficient CADR (clean air delivery rate) ratings.

idylis air purifier filters

  • Energy efficient. Almost all Idylis air purifier reviews do not only point quality and efficiency in filtering. All the units offered by the brand are energy efficient. This is evidenced by the Energy Star logo which is only accorded to products that truly provide lower power consumption.
  • User-friendly technology. All the Idylis units can easily be operated with few button touches or taps on the LCD panel. The purifiers are designed with customers always in mind.
  • Larger area coverage. You will be surprised how these compact air purifiers are capable of cleaning the air in bigger rooms. All units have their specific area coverage.

idylis air purifier reviews

  • Easy maintenance. Cleaning and care for these machines are very simple. And when it’s time to replace that HEPA filter, you don’t need an expert to do the switching. And filters are widely available at Lowes and even online.

The different Idylis HEPA air purifier models

Currently there are about a dozen models of air purifiers offered by Idylis. The models are usually differentiated by the coverage area or size, type of filter, speed and energy rating.

idylis hepa air purifier

  • The Idylis 310. This is the most advance and largest model in the Idylis line today. It is built for rooms as big as 310 square feet, is equipped with HEPA filter and is Energy Star rated.
  • The Idylis CADR air purifiers. In terms of CADR rating, the largest and most efficient is the 300 CADR. It is also equipped with HEPA filter and is also Energy Star rated. Smaller CADR units include the 150 and the 50 CADR.
  • Desktop or tabletop models. If you want the portable air purifiers, there are also a few options like the 50 CADR and the 100 tabletop.
  • 1-Speed purifier. The most basic among all the units is the 1-speed 100-sq ft room air purifier. If it’s for personal use or when you are on a tight budget, you can choose this model.

Idylis air purifier is the perfect choice when shopping for an air purification system for your home. Buy a unit now and personally experience its benefits for you and your family’s overall health.

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